Hawassa Projects


It all began with a modest start of a design of a single lot after winning an architectural design competition. But the Hawassa University projects eventually expanded to include several buildings which we later obtained through subsequent competitions and direct awards. The range of buildings built in Hawassa university include classrooms, dormitories, staff offices, auditoriums;  projects that have taken us over a decade in the campus.  

The success of the buildings we designed in Hawassa could be attributed to the fact that they were designed to respond to the local climate. Hawassa experiences a dry hot climate. Comfort is simply achieved by giving shade and breeze. A simple observation of how people occupy spaces in cafes shows that outdoor shaded spaces are more occupied than interior spaces.

We designed for Hawassa University a complete academic Complex. The All in One Building, for example, accommodates an administration office for five academic departments, classrooms, meeting rooms and a laboratory. It is a complex building covering over 30,000m2 floor area in seven stories.

The Institute of Technology building is another complete and huge educational institution with administrative offices and 150 classrooms. The IOT, in addition to the Architecture Department, accommodates the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering Departments complete with staff offices and meeting halls. Our firm has designed a number of other academic facilities at this university in various campuses including; dormitories, staff offices, auditoriums, classrooms, libraries, student and staff cafeterias. The library building at the medical campus is a building worthy of mention.







More Projects

Nile Source

A Building that Stretches out to Welcome the Public We obtained this project with a design competition. The project site is in Addis Ababa on

Hawassa University Library

Medical Library

The library is located at the medical campus of Hawassa University. It is a shallow plot situated between two buildings, with access roads on both

Student Cafe

Student café

One of our early observations in Hawassa was how people occupied spaces in cafes. We observed that outdoor shaded spaces were more occupied than interior

Agri campus of Hawassa University.

All In One

The All in One building complex is located at the Agri campus of Hawassa University. It accommodates an administration office for five academic departments, classrooms,