Cubocta Bridge

The Cubocta Bridge is designed to connect ‘stairs’ to an adjacent building. A simple function elevated to an artistic solution. Walking through the bridge, your experience will be like passing through a series of rhombuses pinned on a single corner vertically; making it obvious that you can only walk on this bridge by design.

Image: Zeleke

The steel, the material the Cubocta is totally made of, is obscured overwhelmed by the feeling of the enclosure created by the form. The material is devoid of its lightness and rather appears as solid from the outside and completely porous from the inside. This duality of appearance creates a feeling of immateriality in the architecture.

The Cubocta like the cube packs on to itself to form a continuous row both horizontally and vertically. Four of these solids were lined up to form the bridge. In reality, you walk inside a row of cubocta’s.

The bridge extends about nine meters horizontally to the adjacent building without a need to employ any special support, taking advantage of the three-dimensional nature of the structure. You actually walk in a 3D structure, which was also the reason why it ended up being super light.

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