We are an architectural firm with an extensive experience in the Ethiopian construction industry. We are cognizant of the uniqueness of the environment we work with; the architectural potentials such a mild climate could generate. We strive to produce an architecture that is engaging, human and friendly.

Architecture should rightly be conceived first. Then it should be allowed to develop naturally. This process of birth and development of architecture, which extends to the construction period, should be guided by the architect. We ensure that the construction of our projects is closely supervised by our design team.

Our projects were part of the “Post Millennium Contemporary Ethiopian Architecture Exhibition” exhibited in the Goethe Institute Addis Ababa and in Florida USA (in Miami and Gainesville) 2016; curated by Dawit Benti of EiABC and David Refkind of Florida University.

ZELEKE BELAY – ARCHITECT Pvt. Ltd. Co. is a registered architectural consulting firm in Ethiopia. The firm was established in 1995. It is currently registered as a Class One consulting architectural firm. Over the past 30 years the firm has handled projects ranging from university to entertainment facilities, office buildings, hospital, stadium, shopping including residences.