Oromia Insurance Company Headquarters

It was a happy moment to draw out an elegant tower out of an unusually elongated plot. The natural triangular tip of the site was exploited to generate the tower geometry. The anchoring core shifts in the grid angle to maximize tower footprint extending to both ends of the plot boundary. It then rises up and loops atop unifying the tower. Together with the chamfered triangular tip forms an iconic character, identifiable in the city skyline.

A unique addition to the complex is the sky bridge at the top of the tower. It is customary in many cities to climb to high-rise buildings and enjoy the beautiful scenery of a city. OIC tower shall be one of the high points in Addis. We thought we add few extra floors and exploit the natural geometry of this building and provide such a touristic attraction to the building. The master plan has designated this area as a free height zone.